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Originally Posted by Kin View Post
Nah, I just don't believe that the "95 percent of what we use doesn't work for competition" doesn't excuse them even one bit. (Well, maybe one bit, but not much more.) What you train with aliveness is what you can reliably use against a worthy opponent, and what you train with aliveness can be used in competition 99 percent of the time. Everything that isn't honed through alive drill or competition is just a hypothetical move that isn't truly in the martial artist's repetoire, and probably wouldn't make that much of a difference even if it were allowed.

My stance on this is just like mine in the "what striking style is best" thread. That is to say being able to deliver techniques is far more valuable than any technique in particular. Unless the combatants are of equal skill, the "too deadly for competition" stuff won't even be a factor. I think the point you're making is that a WC guy could have spent equal training time as sport fighter, but a large part of it was in non-sportative techniques, hence he's at a disadvantage. That's probably true, but I would argue that even in a no-rules environment, those techniques wouldn't help much. Why? Because the WC guy has spent too much time doing dead, resistance-less repetitions (since that stuff is too dangerous to practice live) instead of alive training that will allow him to build the set-ups, timing, and range to actually land things.

One guy spent time stockpiling ammunition while the other spent time at the range. Who's gonna win the gun fight?

I think we do have similar opinions, mine is just more drastic than yours. And I am always quick to pounce on the "too deadly to spar/compete" excuse because I feel like it's hurts martial arts as a whole. If it didn't exist, or at least wasn't encouraged or perpetuated as much, the current state of TMA would be a lot more respectable.

(And despite the fact that it may seem like I hate on TMA all the time, I actually like a lot of it. I just feel like it's fallen from grace and been somehow overcome by an era of wussy-ness. I know TMA guys from the 70's and 80's who could freaking fight, but their training resembled sport fighting a lot more than the modern counterparts in their arts.)
well I think the key here is that I'm not saying Wing Chung is too deadly to be used in the UFC, I'm saying a good bit of what they practice isn't legal in the UFC so it dosn't really matter if they are able to do it well or not, if you think a MThaiBoxer is exagerating his abilities in the Clinch you test him out in a Thaistyle match not a GrecoRoman Wrestling contest...

but overall yah when people say thier skills are 'too deadly' for the UFC generally I think they are full of shit
with the exception of people training in weapon styles
they are probubly correct
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