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Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
well I think the key here is that I'm not saying Wing Chung is too deadly to be used in the UFC, I'm saying a good bit of what they practice isn't legal in the UFC so it dosn't really matter if they are able to do it well or not, if you think a MThaiBoxer is exagerating his abilities in the Clinch you test him out in a Thaistyle match not a GrecoRoman Wrestling contest...

but overall yah when people say thier skills are 'too deadly' for the UFC generally I think they are full of shit
with the exception of people training in weapon styles
they are probubly correct
PFFT- As if! Those Kali guys are TOTALLY ducking the octagon!

Just curious though, what techniques are you referring to that WC has that aren't allowed in MMA, but don't fall into the 'too deadly' category.

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