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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
Well in my book what truly makes the type R's awesome is the revs, and the joy it gives... It just makes you wanna ride it 'till the wheels fall off... Taking a Civic to 7000 or 7500 rpm is just an undescribable feeling, and it's something that you can only elsewhere in bikes or really expensive supercars (Or rotary engines, which are, sadly, a rare thing these days)

BTW, I'm a sucker for a rotary engine if you didn't realize from reading the above ;P
I love high strung/reving N/A engines...

The problem(s) I find with the Wankel Rotary is it's poor gas mileage (for the small displacement) and big lack of power under the curve.

The FD was such a beast of a car for the track, that's where Mazda needs to get back to. The RX8 I feel does a lackluster job in everything BUT handling (not saying I hate it). I find their Japanese counter parts (Honda) produce excellent sounding and easy HP producing engines that take a beating and keep on ticking.
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