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my potential MMA routine-advice wanted

Hi Guys,

started mma three weeks ago and loving it. However i have just turned 28, and wonder what the chance of my cardio holding out for enough time to become a decent player of the game, any ideas? sounds silly, but would really like to get good at this. I do feel quite fit just now, and although have no martial arts back ground i have ran 10k 3 times a week for years and done some interval training in last year or two as well as being very flexible.

My main question relates to my training however. I have devised a routine and would like any insight as i have just used bits of knowledge/things on the net to fix this up!

The place i train at has bjj/stand up/grappling classes (these involve circuits) on mon and wed night (i intend on continuing these-2 hours) along with a fighter class on tue and thu (which i would like to do as well-1.5 hours) on friday the session is light bjj(1 hour).

On top of this my training outside of the main camp would involve an alternating two week schedule. week one would be two sessions of muscular indurance ie im thinking press up, pull up resistance type exercises with some sport specific ones ie repeated punching up/forward with dumb bells, kicks/take downs etc

I would do a session of strength training in this week, using olympic bars and large muscle groups being the focus ie squat/dead lift etc.

I would also do one cardio session this week such as 5 x 5 min fast on treadmill to mimic the rounds of mma.

week two would be same mma sessions, one strength training session (as stated above) along with sprint session ie 5 x 100m repeated 3 times to mimic the rounds (and more sprints per each 5 mins as i get fitter) along with one 3 x 5 min fast on treadmill session and one 10k road run session that week. then its back to week one routines again.

I hoped after developing the strength and endurance (muscular) i could then be more specific with training to become more effective at power and strength endurance-which i reckoned would be important in mma.

I do apologise for length of this message but i wanted to give info so people are not left guessing. Regards, chris.
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