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Reem vs Duffee - Would you be surprised if it was a fix?

Ok this is all speculation and I guessing can never be proven ether way, but I can't honestly say the thought has not passed my mind a few times since watching this fight, first I ignored it in the hope it was just me and did not want to be the one to bring up a topic about it, I was kind of hoping someone else would say something, but now its been a while and that's never going to happen so I will say what I think and find out what you guys think.

First off when the fight was announced did it not seem like a huge risk that Dream, K-1 and last but not least Strikeforce was taking, obviously the 3 organisations listed above are deep in together helping to build strength from each other, and it just so happens that the Reem is the poster boy and there number one weapon in the fight to make the statement that SF has the No.1 HW division in the world. What if he had lost to a guy coming off a loss having just been cut by the UFC, surly there case for hosting the best HW division in the world would of been damaged beyond repair.

Then there was the timing of the fight, the Reem just weeks after winning the K-1 could not of been in training for a long time to go into am MMA bout, but the paying Japanese public want to see him fight been the super star that he is out there, so why would you not want him on your premium New Years Eve card, not matter if he was ready and had time to get ofer the K-1 finals or not.

So I think its safe to say they all 3 companies the Reem is the poster boy for had good reason to both get him on the fight card and make sure he won especially against an ex-UFC rising star who had just been cut.

Then the fight its self, the result could not of been any better, the Reem completely destroys Duffee who landed nothing in quick time, if your going to fix a fight what better way than a fast 1st round KO, this gives little action in the fight to analysis about Duffee's performance to see if he was really trying, but did he just stick his chin out and let the Reem have a clean shot that's the only debatable question?

I don't to me it just stinks of a set up because if your where going to fix such a fight it seems thats exactly how it would of gone down, I am not saying that the Reem could not of beat Duffee anyway but I am asking why would 3 organisational take such a risk with there poster boy at such a important time for the rise of the SF HW division?

For what its worth I still think the Reem is the No.1 HW in the world, give him the right time to prepare and train for a MMA fight I would expect him to destroy Duffee anyway but still the timing of this seem all wrong.

I am not saying I think it was a fix because I think the Reem could destroy him like he did anyway, just that I would not be surprised if it was.

I would also like to point out this could of gone down without the Reem ever knowing, all they would of had to say was "stick your chin out Duffee and let the Reem do the rest, you wont even know what hit you", then as a reward Duffee gets a nice fat contract to fight over in Japan and all his financial problems he was complaining about while he was in the UFC are sorted for life.

You have motive, you have a guy in the perfect position to pick to take the fall, you have the perfect result.

Any thoughts?

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