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Would it be terribly shocking if a supposed "fix" took place in Japan on a DREAM card? No becuase it has happened in the past especially during the PRIDE days but I really don't think it happened in this fight. Is it possible that Duffee was paid to just show up it and try to put on a good show? Sure, but honestly I think it was more on Duffee's part that he jumped into this fight on late notice, got paid, knew he was fighting a super tough opponent and just went out there to last as long as he could.

He might have entertained some thoughts of trying to win and came out swinging but Alistair just walked through that and landed the big knee and the 2 good shots and it basically looked like Duffee said "Fukk this, this guy could kill me and I've got my paycheck" and just dropped. I don't think it was because he was paid to take a dive he was just there to get paid for showing up and let Alistair have a somewhat decent "name" opponent to treat like a pinata for New Year's Eve.

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