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Originally Posted by BIG COV
BORING....Are you serious...If pride is so boring then why do they own UFC fighters...I'd say at least 80 to 85% of UFC fighters wouldn't make it in Pride...Especially 205 you have Noguera, Silva(loss or not),and please lets not forget Shogun...who I personally think could whoop anyone at 205...Chuck has a B.S. round house right that comes from let field, and good takedown defense..that's it...That's not enough in Pride...Chuck would get dismantled...As far as Randy is concerned...he is a machine, always have if anyone would have been sucessful in Pride it would have been Randy....the fighters in pride are relentless...and a young Coutour, was just that...OH YEAH..Boring... TIM SYLVIA, MATT HUGHES, I'm not going to talk about franklin..I do respect him as a figher...but for TIM, MATT, And CHUCK (all paper champs)I think they get to much credit for nothing...there a bunch of good fighters beating a bunch of bad fighers...If you win in Pride it's because you beat the best..
Wow, you took me waaay out of context. I was talking about how Pride penalizes the boring fighter. I like that and would like to see that implemented in the UFC.

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