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Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
just any generally "foul" tactics that they (or any self defence art) would utilize
targeting the groin
punches to the throat
eyepokes etc (more from the clinch or on the ground then with outside standup)

naturally anyone can't bring that to the cage but with Wing Chun because of the way it's set up, that's MOST of what they do so to say hey WC guy hop in the cage here and fight this MThai boxer is like asking the Thaiboxer to wrestle a GrecoRoman guy in pure Wrestling
If you look at (the rare) footage where Wing Chunners are actually engaged in some sort of fighting (may it be competitive, hard sparring or real) they mostly hardly hit the head (as most people have problems hitting a moving target), how then do you expect them to hit an even smaller target like an eye which is part of that moving target (head) they are not properly able to hit¿

Wing Chun works in the way of an suprising first strike counter attack. Like you are standing at a bar or an ATM, someone comes up and starts to bully you and out of nothing you explode and run over him. But the Wing Chun tools are less effective when it comes to an 1-on-1 fight. It's just not designed for that. Don't forget, Wing Chun was (at least as it's said) invented by a woman and if you look at it that makes sense. Women are usually confronted with a completely different threat scenario than men. Men are more likely to get involved into a slugfestish brawl, women are not. Women will rather face the threat of a sexual assault and there a different field of fighting principles comes into play. Here stuff like centerlined chain punches and other Wing Chun principles do make sense.

Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
Yeah. I may have overreacted. Happens sometimes!
No problem. With the subtle irony in my post I may have sounded a bit harsh, but as I said it was absolutely not targeted at you. I had clearly understood that you just wanted to point out that there is some Wing Chun guy who tries to test his stuff in competition and had no impression you wanted to sell him as the big deal who's going to rampage through the MMA scene.
I'm just a bit sensitive towards Wing Chun as in my area there is one Wing Chun organisation that was quite big mouthish and trashtalking about other styles, but never backed up their claims in competition, using all these "to deadly" excuses.

Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post

Sweet Wing Chun brah! One vertical fist, a sprawl/scramble followed by wild loony toon punches!
Everyone goes caveman-boxing when the pressure is high enough

That's what it looks like when high ranked Wing Chunners are engaged into a fight, not much Wing Chun left:

Emin Boztepe (at that time model-fighter of the European Wing Tsun Organisation) vs. William Cheung (Grandmaster of the Cheung lineage)

or two headmasters in a quarrel after one split up from the organisation: (can't embed this one)
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