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Great Video, Everyone and I mean EVERYONE!!! watch that video it is fcuking awesome. not often I would plus rep someone on there first post but you got it, any more videos like that keep them coming and welcome to the forum its a great place to talk MMA I hope you stick around.

I totally agree with the message in this video, Dana is an ass hole with no morals trash talking Fedor because he could not be brought it is a fact.

When you watch this video and receive a full remainder of everything Fedor has achieved in this sport then at the end watch in slow motion his only real loss to Werdum you realise not only just how lucky Werdum was to win that fight, but that there is no fcuking way that any fighter has achieved more and deserves to out rank Fedor, fcuk it Fedor should still be ranked P4P (for what ever BS P4P is worth) the number 1 in the world beyond a shadow of doubt.

if you was to put a video like that together for Brock Lesnar (what a joke that video would be) or even Cain Velasquez you would not have anything even remotely close to the level achievement shown in this video, how anyone could ever or can rank ether of those guys or anyone else for that matter above Fedor is a fcuking joke.

I was so on the Reem war wagon that I wanted the Reem to take that spot and win the GP to at least become the worlds number 1 HW, but this video has chanced my opinion, nobody deserves that title more than Fedor.

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