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Mon 1-10: BJJ was more guard passes, one called the Stutzman b/c that's who taught it to my teacher, then a super cool one where you put your hands on their armpits or biceps, then post the top of your head and outer hand to the mat, kick up into a handstand, then pass into scarf hold or w/e. Then 4 mile run.
EDIT: That guard pass was just called the up and over butterfly, if you're in someone's butterfly guard.
Tue: 4 mile run. Ow
Wed: Rested
Thur: Judo. We threw the line and did a bunch of randori going into newaza.
Fri: A few rounds of live rolling, more guard passes, then 3 mile run, during which I felt weeeeeeeeek. Private karate lesson later, as I hope to test for my orange belt next month.
Sat: rested
Sun: rested. I'm super pissed that my teacher promoted someone who muscles the techniques and hurts his training partners all the time. I think those on the spot "you owe me a test within 60 days" promotions are a little spur of the moment and emotion-driven to be appropriate in a dojo. IDK why I'm trying to belt test for two arts within 6-8 weeks again, it makes me so grouchy.

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