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How do you do a double leg takedown?

No, this is not me asking for instructions on how to shoot a double. This is me asking how YOU, yourself, shoot doubles and why you do it that way.

The setup

Do you shoot off of a jab? An overhand? An inside leg kick? Do you tie up first?

The Shot

Do you drop a knee? Do you stay on your feet? Do you duck your head, close your eyes, and charge forward with your arms outstretched?

The Finish

Do you turn the corner and end up in side control? Do you drive through into guard? Do you pop up and end up standing over his open guard? Do you trip a leg and end up in half guard? If you drop a knee on your shot, do you finish from kneeling or do you come back to your feet for the finish?

Do you use a different setup/shot/finish for MMA than for grappling or the same thing either way? And most importantly, WHY do you do it that way? "I was taught that way" is fine, but if you notice any advantages or disadvantages of that method, let's discuss them.

I'm so tired of "how do I do this/what style should i take" threads. This is the technique discussion subforum, so let's actually have some real discussion about technique!

EDIT: Yes, obviously circumstance dictates your technique and in competition, I've done almost every variation I've listed and I'm sure there are others I haven't touched upon. I'm asking what your go-to is.

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