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my Wrestling honestly (at this point at least) is a lot better from the Clinch or on the Ground then it is from the Outside. But I will attempt to answer anyway, tho this is by no means a brilliant explination of Double Leg options I assure you.

My answer is also somewhat Generic but I'll try to give multiple examples to make it better then "A little of all of that"

Basically it depends on my opponent (assuming I know something about him)

The Set Up

Generally I Shoot for a Double Leg to counter someone rushing me, similar to Rashad Evans (only I'm not as smooth). Now in general my Striking involves pressuring the other person but if I find a superior Striker and they go to come forward with punches or leaning too far forward that's when I'll go for my Double, to get a superior Striker to the Ground.
Were I ever to look for it Offensivly like I was having a close fight with another guy who I felt had a weaker ground game but he didn't want to pressure me in the standup I'd set it up with punches or low kicks. I am not quick enough (at my current weight at least) to shoot off of my own leg kick, but I'd low kick to soften the legs up and make them a little slower to react then Shoot off of a Jab more then likely. Probubly not an opening Jab but after getting them expecting something up top after the Jab, like Jab Cross....Jab Cross....Jab Shoot.

The Shot

Again I set this up based on my opponent, I'm a 5'10 Heavyweight so I can wind up against an opponent right around my height all the way up to someone a full foot taller. So It depends on his height and stance, if dropping to my knee (or both) will give me a bit better leverage then I'll do that.

The Finish

As with all things I suit this to my opponent. If I can have it any way I want it, I'll slide thier legs aside and get Cross Body. For one thing they land harder, and for another Cross Body is my dominant ground control. However, in general it depends because I find a lot of people train very hard on how to escape CrossBody, particularly if I am fighting a Wrestler (tho I likely did not shoot on a Wrestler, but I digress) I'd rather actually be in the Guard of an opponent who's base is Wrestling cus I will be able to pin him more effectivly there. Against someone with a BJJ base, I'd rather have Cross Body on him so that I can disrupt his gameplan by striking him in the face.
So basically how I finish it depends on the Ground base of my opponent. BJJ I turn him to get Cross Body, Wrestling I like to be in his Guard.

We should do a similar thread about Clinch TakeDowns and prefered Clinches.

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