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Firstly I didn't say they'd be ABLE to get it done, I said since that is a high portion of thier training, and that is not legal in MMA we will likely never see a high number of thier practitioners in MMA competition.
Secondly I did point out that it would be more likely to be something that got done (when it did get done) from the Clinch or on the Ground, where btw it is very difficult to stop. (you may notice in many mma fights you will hear the ref admonishing one fighter to "watch the eyes" when they are grappling about. if it was really easy to stop someone from poking you in the eye once the grapple was joined the ref wouldn't have to say anything cus the other fighter would be handling it himself)

I think people are assuming I'm saying things I am not saying here so I'll be extra clear on this point.
I am NOT saying that Wing Chun fighters are so deadly they can't compete because they would kill thier opponents, I AM saying that the way they train isn't set up for use in MMA so it dosn't make any sence for them to try to prove themselves there. Which is why I made my MThai/GrecoRoman analogy.
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