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Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
Secondly I did point out that it would be more likely to be something that got done (when it did get done) from the Clinch or on the Ground,
Yes, you said so, my fault to only focus on the eye poke. But still, also the other things you mentioned they train do not translate into real fighting that easily. For expample an experienced fighter keeps his chin down, which not only protects the chin, but also the throat.

Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
where btw it is very difficult to stop. (you may notice in many mma fights you will hear the ref admonishing one fighter to "watch the eyes" when they are grappling about. if it was really easy to stop someone from poking you in the eye once the grapple was joined the ref wouldn't have to say anything cus the other fighter would be handling it himself)
No, the referee admonishes the fighter, because eye poking is against the rules. That in first place doesn't say anything about how easy or not it would be to defend against that sort of technique. But sure, it would be an additional tool to a fighter's arsenal.

Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
I think people are assuming I'm saying things I am not saying here so I'll be extra clear on this point.
I am NOT saying that Wing Chun fighters are so deadly they can't compete because they would kill thier opponents,
I didn't say you said so, I said that I have experience with a Wing Chun organisation whose members (and lots of practioners from other organisations) made such claims.

Originally Posted by BearInTheClinch View Post
I AM saying that the way they train isn't set up for use in MMA so it dosn't make any sence for them to try to prove themselves there. Which is why I made my MThai/GrecoRoman analogy.
Obviously they don't train for MMA competions, neither do pure Muay Thai fighter, wrestler or Jiu Jitsuka, but their arts mostly translate to one area of MMA fighting whereas there is so far no proof that there is much from Wing Chun that translates.

The problem is not so much that Wing Chunners do not compete in MMA, it's the claims like I mentioned above lots of Wing Chunners do, being to deadly for sports competition and being superior to MMA fighters in a real streetfight situation without any proof to back it up. For an MMA fighter there is enough empirical evidence for what happens when a boxing hook connects with the opponent's chin, he cuts off blood backflow from the head with a choke or how he can control his opponent with a lock. On the other hand Wing Chunners have not much proof that the "deadly" moves are really that deadly and can mostly only rely on hearsay about some ancient masters.

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