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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
Something that has been bothering me the more I read: Wing Chun IS! a f-ing competition Art in modern practice. Almost everyone knows the story of Wing Chun, but now its as much a sport Art as MT, or Judo.

Big guy looks like derp derp!

No head gear/gloves mean open palm, questionable headshot rules.

The rules are different. Winning doesn't necessarily come from a KO, or dominant striking. Proper technique gets points. A hook punch is worth nothing. A leaping roundhouse kick gets you nothing. A "dragon stomp" (front push kick to the knee/thigh) gets you points, and chain punches get you points. Fluid interceptive blocking gets you points. THAT is why it isn't traslateable in its current state to MMA, because the rules don't allow it to be. It has nothing to do with "illegal techniques."

Edit: Just noticed that the same random weird guy is in both matches...does that mean he's good? Hope not!
Oh yes, these Chi Sao competitions are so weird. Chi Sao has nothing to do with actual fighting, it's an exercise to learn specific principles and to develop a better tactile reception. Such a competition cannot even show how good your Wing Chun is. Too many Wing Chunners focus too much on Chi Sao, because it feels good (it really does) and gives you the impression of being in control (as long as your partner, who thinks the same, stays with Chi Sao and doesn't bring other tools into the play).

As an exercise it might help to support your wrestling though.

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