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Okay. Loggy loggy loggy log!

So its been a week and unlike usual, I'll post a buncha woohoo I'ma trainin and stuff! rather than, wah, wah, I'ma so sad, no workoutz man!

So I did some partner work that I was really happy about. It started out with some padwork. I worked the following:

jab-jab-cross-R. hook. In this case I was working on stepping straight back out after the hook. My training parter said nothing about I mighta failed to actually move back out explosively...

jab-cross-R. head block-L. head block-Bob-R. hook. This one was all about countering. The boxing mantra stands. "If you gonna let dat foo hit you boyeee! Hit that mofo back! (courtesy James Toney!)

cross-jab-R. leg kick. In this case it was all about stepping around just before snapping off the kick in what gymnastics calls a "J step." This movement, at least for me, helps with defensive head movement, as well as helping change the attack angle.

jab-cross-L leg kick. Here it was pretty basic stuff. Make him focus on his face and kick him in the f-ing knee mutha ****a!

jab-cross-R. uppercut. Here was also a basic one. Nothing special, though I think this one is a nice way to set up a clinch, but I just f-ing love this combination.

From here we moved on to JJ escapes. I've always known my escapes were weaksauce so I figggurrred, "Les do it!" I worked triangle and back escapes:

Triangle escapes:
1. Subbed. I let my opponent seat it. Then just kinda was like "Whut am I doin again? Derp, derp."

2. Subbed. This one was special. I've never gone out from a sub. Well, I almost did this time! I almost escaped, but in my attempt, I actually think I made it worse. I've always heard you can never tell when you're gonna go out from a triangle until it's too late. Well that shit's true! I thought I was fine as I postured and tried to get my head free. That is, until my brain started hurting from lack of blood flow! I tapped, and then almost passed out when I stood up to shake it off! FUN!

3. This time I escaped. Instead of stopping there my training partner was like "Bruh! lets keep dis shih goin!" So we kept rolling after the escape. And I subbed him with a heel hook. I have never subbed anyone with a proper heel hook before. Shmiles all around!!!

Back Escapes:
1. Here I also fell into this same "Whut? Was I gonna do something?" mentality. I was subbed here pretty easy.

2. Again. I couldn't get my body into a position where I could roll over and get back to full guard. I was subbed again.

3. Finally! I got into full guard. I passed to half, then side control. I went for a kimura, which my partner defended. I said, F dis! and went for the mount. I then rolled him into an armbar. Sub! Again. I rarely succeed with armbars lately. I have really only had a lot of success recently (the past several months) with kimuras or americanas.

My training partner wanted to try his hand at back escapes so he got into that position. I went for the RNC, however he flipped over into full guard. He passed to half, but I was able to sweep and get my leg free into side control. I went for an arm triangle, but he escaped ( I swear I will never succeed with these blasted arm triangles!). He swept me and ended up in half again. He transitioned from half into the mount. Here he was like, "know what? I gotta do MY lifts tonight, so I'll say F it! I got the mount, that's good enough for me!"

Now on to lifting! (Oh yeah mofo, you read this far and we're only half done. How's that feel!)

I've been working with the idea of circuits, as mentioned before. With the overall goal being the development of my muscular endurance this month, while my training partner finishes his bulking phase before reactivating his cardio phase.

Something I've toyed with is, a main lift, followed by a circuit. I'll break down the three circuits I've done this go round before addressing my feeling on the subject and any changes I wanted to make:

Circuit 1
This was the circuit including the Couture Circuit found on the Tubes of U:
Punch Press 2/8
Medicine Ball Bounces 2/15
Couture Circuit 2/8
a. Bent over rows
b. Upright rows
c. Military press
d. Stationary lunges
e. Squats
f. Stiff legged deadlifts
g. deadlifts
Heavy bag throws 2/8 per side
Inverted rows 2/8

This circuit was vigorous and worked me hard. However, it was too...body buildy (if that makes sense) for me. Too much emphasis on lifting for bulk, too little on the endurance of the muscles. It still a good 'un and I'd do it again and again, if I had the endurance! (Irony!)

Circuit 2
This one was totally original and included an initial main lift, followed by an eclectic circuit:
Main lift:
Squats 3/3
Stationary lunges 3/3

Punch Press 2/8
Medicine ball bounces 2/15
Sprawl deadlifts 2/8
Inverted rows 2/8
Bent over rows 2/8

This circuit felt too short. In more than one way. It seemed like it was done too quickly sets wise, as well as felt to small exercise wise.

Circuit 3
This was the newest circuit. It felt much better than the previous one, but brought up new nagging questions.
Main lift:
Deadlift (to max)
Stiff legged deadlifts 3/6

Punch press 2/8
Medicine ball bounces 2/15
Squat thrusts 2/8
Military press 2/8
Shoulder shrugs 2/8
Russian curls 2/8
Heavy Bag straight punches 2/50

This circuit again felt too short. Its the sets that are the biggest problem for me. I need to add an additional 2-3 sets be achieve what I'm looking for at this level. I feel like a seven exercise circuit is sufficient, but this brings up a few more questions:

Should the circuit focus on a specific muscle group?
Should this muscle group be the same as the main lift?
Should I focus on Type 1 or Type 2 muscle fibers?

The answers to these questions are:

So, I scribbled out a little criteria for any circuit I make for myself from here on:
1. Seven exercises minimum.
2. Total 4-5 sets to be sufficient
3. Focus circuit on one muscle group
3a. This should be the same muscle group as the main lift
4. Split the circuit between both Type 1 and Type 2 fast twith muscle fibers. Focusing more heavily on type 2 for endurance, with Type 1 for explosiveness.

If you've read to here. I commend you for your scholarly nature!

My diet has been back and forth this week. I went to the grocery store and spent about $116 on mostly healthy food, with a bit of selfishly purchased snacks included (luuuuuuzzzzzzeeeerrr!). But overall it has been decently healthy. At work, the place where I eat the worst. I've almost completely eliminated greasy fast food as a whole, and drastically cut back on sugary happy drink (soda) intake.

Mental stuff. I sat down with a piece of paper and wrote out all of my questions for myself. These are questions that a lot of people have to address at one point or another, so I figured I'd get them all down, and find my answers for each:

Where is my mind at? How dedicated am I? How can I increase my focus on my goals? What motivates me? What do I want from MMA? What is it that I'm truly dedicated to? How much do other people effect my dedication?

I don't have most of those answers yet. But those questions feel like the locks standing between me and all I've wanted. I just have to find the keys.

Overall. I feel really good this week. Eating better, combined with working out heavily again, and even a more balanced social life, is making me very happy with myself as a person and as a fighter-in-training. I'm actually looking forward to continuing training and keeping a hold of the upbeat Ben (holy f*ck my real name!) and actually achieving my goal of winning my first MMA fight before 2012!

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