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Boy did I have an eventful night last night. Me and my buddy went out clubbing, was going well, few drinks, few ladies, the usual, well, not for long. This club we went to is some huge place near my uni, 3 floors, loads of bars + dancefloors. We were heading down from 1 floor down to the other to meet a couple of girls when we noticed a fight break out. Obviously, being a fan of combat I thought I'd give it a watch.

Turned out it was a pathetic fight, some big dude that's obviously used to bullying people smacks this dude on the nose, he falls to ground and that's that. The big dude then looks over in our direction, where there are quite a few people watching what's going and decides it'd be a great idea to square up to me and say "what the **** are you looking at?". I imagine he was expecting me to back down and run down the stairs, I didn't, I stared at him and just simply said "watching the fight". For some unknown reason this provoked him enough to smash me in the mouth.

He smashes me in the mouth, expecting the same reaction as the dude he'd just 'beaten up' (and I use that term loosely), he didn't get it. I barely flinched, remained staring at him, and just laughed in his face. Not sure that was a completely wise move, he decided to smack me in the nose. Got exactly the same reaction, remained staring at him for a few seconds, laughed at him again, told him he was a ***** and walked off. Not sure how I remained so calm when fairly drunk, but I'm glad I decided to walk away, not getting kicked out of the club for that ****. My buddy was just in disbelief, not only at the patheticness of the situation, and the speed at which it all went down, but also the fact I just stood in front of this dude and laughed at him after getting clocked in the face twice. Who the **** lets these cunts into clubs? I mean come on, who welly's someone for watching a fight?

Turns out a bleeding nose and a decent story about a dickhead gets you sympathy from the ladies though, so it wasn't all bad. I need to get smacked in the face at clubs a bit more.

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