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This is something the UFC could pull off in a few weight classes (not heavy weight IMO) because they have a full stable of high level fighters.

This is not a good model for strikeforce IMO. I just think it could spread the fighters too thin in a weight class that is already thin to begin with, its great for fans but a few of these guys are going to be left with nobody relevant to face and all that will do is push them down in the rankings even more so if they lose.

Strikeforce should look to acquire Bellator around the beginning of next year, last time I looked they were struggling to make it and leaking money like the titanic.

I like a single belt system.

At least that way you add some more warm body's for the top guys to beat on. I think one belt would provide us with a fairly solid understanding of who's the Undisputed Strikeforce Champ.

If you think about it thats four fights a year just to defend the title maybe one more probably not for most fighters.

The thing is, it gives more validity to the title itself that way, the UFC could never claim their fighters are better tested, its always quality over quantity but with one belt I think you bring them both together.

Case in point if reem wins this he will probably be recognized as the heavyweight champ of the world in a lot of peoples eye's (although I dont agree)But what if Fedor wins the title without having to face Reem? The case for all kinds of arguments is there and top SF fighters may slip right out of the top ten all together.

If reem losses this then he'll drop in rankings and people will say the guy who won is the real SF champ, I dont think I like that. I think the reason titles are in place at all is because we the fans want titles we want to know who IS the best, period but this structure could and at some point will devalue the title.

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