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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Russell is without a doubt the best survivor player ever. The man got to the finals back to back, ran both games completely, voted 90% of the players out in each game, and then lost because no one liked him.

That's the only thing I dislike about Survivor, the winner isn't the best player of the show, it's the most popular. If you are well liked, you win, if you aren't, you lose. It's a High School popularity contest at the end, and even if you are in charge and run the entire game like Russell does, you still lose cause no one likes you.

It's ridiulous and why I always have my own winner, I never agree with who actually wins, cause it always comes down to who is the nicest, not who is the best player.
I think one of the most deserving winners was Tom Westman!
The masn was as tough as they come, dominated almost all the reward challenges - team + individual - and won almost every immunity challenge.
He did all the right things on that season.

Also gotta love Richard Hatch and Boston Rob!



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