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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Shambo was a moron she went from being in the position of power in her tribe as the swing vote to being on a tribe where she was the fifth player with no chance at winning.

She was also clearly a female misogynist which I always thought was an oxymoron until I met her.

The thing about Russell if you ever played soccer you would know what type of person he was the sort of kid that always runs to the ball, never passes and goes for the score. In Survivor you have to play defense you have to save face and keep respect, Russell doesn't do that which is why Russell lost.

Russell is the Leonard Garcia or as he's a loser the James Thompson of Survivor.
Until you met her?! lol

And yeah but everything he did was pure genious. He was the first person in Survivor history to find the idol with no clue. He went on to find 2 more. He used it at the brink of emlimination forcing Kelly out and it was a huge surprise. He convinced the girls to get rid of Erik when it was 8 Galu to 4 Foa Foa. If you say you thought Foa Foa would survive that holy they were in then your crazy or a liar lol. I was on Foa Foa's side the whole time (I don't know why because they were terrible) but when that shift started happening it was amazing.

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