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Mon 1-17: BJJ was two passes from butterfly guard, the up and over that we did last week, and the one where you kick your leg back, bring it back up to pin their calf, then spin into reverse mount. Then my uke/tori for judo came and we drilled hiza guruma, harae goshi, tae otoshi, tomoe nage, tskurikomi goshi, amongst a bunch of other things. We are both testing in about 4 weeks. PM karate was a lot of stretching, kicking drills, then blitzing and defensive kick drills on the heavy bag.
Tue: Sprawl drills from quickstep, then kick shield drills, then stretching.
Wed: 1.5 mile run, then kickboxing which was sprints, dead man drags, bunny hops, army crawl up and down the floor, then more kick shield drills.
Thur: Nothing this AM, legs hurt a lot from Tue and Wed. Judo later, will update accordingly.
Thur: Judo was super awesome. I got a few new throws, hiza guruma, surikomi goshi, koshi guruma, and sase surikomi....I forgot the rest of the name. There was a ton of randori and I was totally excited. I worked with my uke afterward, and one of the BJJ guys got on the mat and graciously let us throw him around.
Fri: Kicking drills, pushups, situps, mountain climbers, and kata in my private lesson getting ready to belt test for karate.
Sat: Judo. It was a big class with a ton of randori, just like I like it.
Sun: rested

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