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Old thread I know. But that SgtSixPack douchebag just made me so ANGRY I had to chip in my two cents worth.

It seems that people still don't understand the difference between strength training, power training, bodybuilding, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance and Cardio. (I'm looking at YOU sgt Douche)

I'm a big fan of Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and the Stronglifts program. Google that $#!T...Both dispel many common misconceptions about STRENGTH training and provide valuable routines for maximising strenght gains in the minimum amount of time. They are also very similar to the OPs program...Coincidence? I think not, programs like this are the best way to get strong, a lot of people eventually figure this out for themselves, but the OP has already done it for you. Do your research, understand why he's right and buy some iron.

Also, Squatting isn't bad for your knees, Olympic lifters squat ATG ALL THE TIME. I think that there's a lot more research behind world level competitive teams than there is behind BBing at your local gym.

Also, the traps are a back muscle... are you retarded?
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