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Originally Posted by montblanc512 View Post

As for the reps thing, I know it, but I need to build muscle before I work on more endurance.
'Hypertrophy' comes in two types. One makes your muscles add more muscle fibers one makes your muscles add more water (you always get a bit of both actually). But training in the 10 rep range will make you bigger (water)training in the 4-6 range is a better idea you will get stronger (muscle fibers) If you only lift for 4-6 reps you can lift higher weights. You will get stronger faster (add weight everyworkout 2.5kg increases 3 days a week) and you won't get bumped up into a higher weight division for competitions like you would with bodybuilding (10 reps).

I want to get into pylometrics eventually as well but that won't be for a while, don't want to hurt myself.

Was just hoping there'd be a more entertaining way, I hate just exercising for the sake of exercising...
Start Tricking... Power, speed, endurance, FUN and martial applications (kinda). Or freerunning.

Wrestling is better than nothing, especially if it's cheap. There are some really good BJJ torrents and youtube vids, train with a friend.

My two cents for the BEST one exercise training system?
Heavybag Tabatas. Go HARD* on every hit, If the bag is hanging straight down, you're doing it wrong. It should cower away from your devastating punches. Punch non-stop for 20s, rest 10, go again. 8 sets takes 4 minutes and trains EVERYTHING.

* Heavybag is a good way to test the power of your punch. There are a lot of people who think strong = powerful.
Power has a speed aspect as well. It also has a strength aspect. You need both.
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