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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
Having read this I say: Thank god for GSP's trainers. Because he doesn't know jack about working out.

He may not do those snazzy bench presses or powercleans. But he does develop his strength/explosiveness and condition his muscles. He does half a dozen different kinds of pushups from what can be determined by an even cursory Youtube search. Same can be said for those hurddles and box jumps they always focus on during his Countdown montages. He uses resistance bands for sprints for explosive movements overall. He's constantly doing strength and conditioning. He apparently doesn't know the difference between general strength and conditioning vs weight lifting.

I am very disappoint son, very disappoint.
The other thing is that training to 'look good' will make you stronger. Not ANYWHERE near as much as an actual strength routine, but over 8-20 years, the kid will get stronger.

I guess he's referring to something like powerlifting, which is aimed at increasing your maximum lift. Shit, push-ups are strength training if you want to get technical, but I think he's referring to a specific type of training (high weight low reps)

And he does make a valid point abut efficiency though. I can out punch guys who are WAY stronger than me - because of technique. I hit harder, longer. As their skill develops they will eventually overtake me, that's why I'm training strength as well.

But since he already trains explosive movements, and already knows how to recruit maximal force, he probably wouldn't get much out of it.
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