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probably a dumb guts no glory

as I say in my title I realize this is probably a frequently asked question and probably not a good one at that but what the heck I'm game for criticism....first a little background

Ok I'm a senior in college and an athlete my whole life but I over indulged in college life and got way out of shape i wrestled 163 in highschool (granted i am now about 2 inches taller and i guess growing into my "man mass" but i could easily compete at 170 with my body structure) right now im sitting pretty at 215-220 being my top weight and im at a very high body fat (was 7-8% in highschool hydrated)

i want to compete im an animal of competition and I hate my lifestyle and need a sport... and i LOVE mma im not a bloodthirsty meathead and i dont care about the violence i want to compete and am not scared to pounded on

my question is should i just join a gym and go through baptism by fire or should i get in shape on my own (really wouldnt know how for MMA) I have been in contact with a gym and have watched the practices the coaches all seem to know what they are doing and focus on anyone who puts in effort I think one said he has coached anderson silva so that cant be bad unless hes lying I always expect a sales pitch on stuff like this so that wouldnt be a stretch... anyways sorry to ramble but hope you have some thoughts thanks for looking
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