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FEG is Dead, not JMMA

The problem that I noticed with DREAM was that they tried to rebuild PRIDE overnight. They didnt take its time to build up their fighters and ended up getting caught up in trying to keep their fighters in DREAM and paying them on time. Co-promoting with Strikeforce without all of their weight division well developed only showed that DREAM needed fighters from other Orgs to build themselves up instead of standing on their own like PRIDE did.They needed to make DREAM from 1997 Pride and not 2007 PRIDE.

Now Sengoku right is doing everything right in terms of starting over from the beginning and not trying to compete with the big legaues just yet.

This talk of JMMA being dead because of one Org not doing anything right is crazy talk. WVR, Deep, Pancrease and Shooto are well established Orgs with respectable divisions and put on alot of good cards over the years.

To sum it all up, DREAM rushed everything in hope of regaining PRIDE's success and it has cost them in the long run. But the entire MMA scence completely diminishing in Japan is a loss for everyone and there shouldn't be people hoping for it, but instead preventing it.

May JMMA live long!!!

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