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Originally Posted by Spec0688 View Post
Silva vs anyone in the top 10 at LHW would be amazing, I think JBJ is too young to face Silva, he needs a bit more fights under the belt. I would rather see Silva vs Rampage, both like to engage and Rampage is hard enough to KO.
You know it's funny you mentioned that. I just rewatched the Anderson Silva fight vs Chris Leben. Leben is pretty comparable to Rampage in terms of toughness. I'd actually say Rampage is tougher though, but man Anderson took out Leben in what was it a minute.

Rampage on the other hand is gonna be an interesting one. The only person who I can remember that KOed Rampage twice did so in emphatic fashion; MULTIPLE KNEES. That's just ridiculous the amount of knees he absorbed. Inhuman almost...
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