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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
see i'm a huge anderson silva fan however a fight with gsp is very interesting. I think silva will win but that is just my opinion. However i would be blind if i did not say GSp has a very good chance of winner. Both guys have never fought anyone near each others skills set. Also Anderson strengths is gsp weakness, whereas gsp strength is Anderson weakness. The only kicker is silva Bjj, and Gsp ability to be a great stiker when he wants to be.

All those fights you listed i would love to see however the silva vs gsp debate for p4p best needs to be resolve. I would love to see any of those fighters more than gsp vs silva however i just want to see gsp vs silva for the debates to be over.
Well said, as a fan of MMA, how could you not watch that fight. #1 and #2. And GSP blows through Shields, WW is incredibly cleaned out and he needs to move up.

Belfort's a good potential match-up just the threat, After that ---- Okami (KNFO or submitted), Bisping (easily KNFO), who else is there Wanderlai (KNFO as much I don't like saying it). Silva V.S. 205 lbs fighters is great too though I must admit, particularly a Rampage, Rua, or Evans match-up.. even JBJ (the only man who I believe would be the favorite over Anderson). Rua/Evans for a straight-up title shot.

But still GSP V.S. Silva is a once in a never fight, the UFC doesn't have a M-1 logo last I checked. I want to see best fighting best. Outright biggest match-up of talent in MMA history.
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