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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
i changed my mind from gsp to silva, i think silva could beat hws and lhws, but i dont think gsp could beat a lot of mws even, however i see shogun as a destroyer of lhw and hw and he is pretty much a carbon copy of silva and his style, both have 4 losses, both have lost 2 by sub, both have lost 1 decision(although we all know the BS on shoguns) both have the same stance and great muay thai, both hate wrestlers but they both know how to sub or sweep(shoguns better) great match up
Yes... this is the match-up I'd very much love to see!

I could imagine WWIII on stand-up with Anderson and his superb striking and Rua with his lethal kicks. The clinch work would be brutal Muay Thai.... ohh it makes me shiver

On the subject of GSP vs. Silva.... (this coming from a BIG GSP fan and fellow Canadian)

He doesn't stand much of a chance. I agree to whomever said each holds a strength to the others weakness. Silva is just to big and strong for GSP. He's a very big MW and GSP is a smaller WW.

We know GSP doesn't like to get hit (Serra gave him a nice crack). Silva's striking is just soo damned brutal and accurate.

I personally don't think GSP wants to fight Silva right now unless he could majorly bulk up.
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