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Here we go again. Why do you watch MMA if all you do is complain about it
Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
Yeah mma fans want to do cartwheels over these lists but I dont really think the sport is in as good as shape as zuffa would have you believe.First of all the ufc are privately owned so they can conjure up what ever figures they plz & we'd be non the wiser.

Secondly look at the names of the highest grossers, brock who brings in WWf crowd but for how long? he has no heart and is only in it because he couldnt hack it at anything else..Rampage is another one thats only in it for the pay cheque and doesnt have long left..And then there is gsp tainting the sport and bringin in the wrong crowd with his safety first homo erotic approach..The fact that casuals arent down with anderson is a worrying indication..
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