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Lo, and the log was two days earlier than a week, and all the homies rejoiced.

Okay, so as I finished off that was length of the redic, I had decided to focus the circuits on a specific muscle group. I have experimented in that regard with two separate workouts and have found a mixed bag.

Firstly was the chest circuit which I have to say was a bitch. The circuit itself broke down like this:

Main Lift:
Bench Press (to max)
Chest Press 3/6

Punch Press 3/8
Medicine Ball Bounces 3/15
Handstand pushups 3/8
Decline bench press 3/8
Tricep Extentions 3/8
Pushups 3/8
Heavy Bag Punches 3/50

The goal here was twofold.
1. Add an additional set with the idea being to build up to 4-5 sets at a vigorous pace.
2. Focus on fatiguing a single muscle group.

The outcome was absolutely terrible. Firstly during the main lift I was a I was motivated Mandi about the max lift. So after completing it once, I attempted it again (thank God for the ambitious-but-stupid safety racks). I moved on to the circuit which in hindsight was poorly concieved. The handstand pushups were the largest fail of all. I feared that I would crush my face into the sparce quarter inch gym flooring covering the cement floor, so I didn't go nearly as deep as I should have. Also. I was putting excessive pressure on my elbows, which ached for two days after this circuit. During the decline bench, the racks were too high so with every rep the br bounced off the bottom of the rack, making each rep an annoyingly tedious process. Tricep extentions were fail. Simple as that.

All in all this workout must have looked like some zany episode of scooby doo. I think the biggest reasons for the failure were, 1. poorly planned out in advance, thus poorly executed. 2. poor endurance in my upper body. 3. Ambitious weights, unintelligent weights. The upper body circuit is in definite need of revamp before the next time around.

After the obligatory recovery day between major lifts, I moved on to a lower body circuit. As before, this one included squats as a main lift. Squats have always freaked me out (as said a bajillion times!). However as I have been doing the I'm becoming more confident that I'm not going to blow out my knees like my pansy self used to think. However I am still not ballsy enough to max on squats. The circuit is as follows:

Main lift:
Squats 3/3
Stationary Lunges 3/6

Punch Press 3/8
Medicine ball bounces 3/15
Medicine ball jumps 3/8
Squat thrusts 3/8
Squat front kicks 3/8
Shadow Takedowns 3/8
Repition Kicks 3/15 (per leg)

The lift itself felt very solid. When it was finished my muscles were tired. It wasn't the soreness one gets from building muscle, it was the exhaustioned of muscles fatigued beyond what they're used to. And that's the goal. I hope that after another once or twice through I can amp up the sets and be a man about it!

Also: With regard to this circuit, thank God for Flipsyde. I was considering quiting after the second set, but then Someday kicked on, motivational song is motivational. And I reminded myself that I am try NOT to be a wuss.

Yesterday I worked out with my training partner. He suggested we wokout this day, confirmed the time of the workout and length, but didn't plan anything to do. I'm not gonna be mean and point fingers but da ****z boyo!

So the workout went like this:

Firstly it was kick defense and counter drills. This entailed one fighter throwing kicks (whatever kind of kick he felt like) and the opponent defending the kick in the proper manner and countering. I found myself using a variety of kicks and landing occassionally though my opponent's defenses. Which I felt okay about because its much harder to land a kick when your opponent knows you're not going to punch him. I landed a front push kick to the core which I was rather proud of, as well as a nice lead side kick to the shoulder.

In this area there were also a few frustrations. I seemed to have a serious problem countering after defending the kick. I'm not sure if it was because I was rusty, or if I've always had this issue, but I seemed to want to defend, the reset, then move to counter. It was conscious thought that allowed me to counter on occassion, not a conditioned mind.

Once this portion was completed, we moved on to the Thai pads. I only worked a few combinations on the pads. They were:

Jab-cross-uppercut (just loled when I saw I used two t's when I wrote it on paper)

Cross-uppercut-R. knee-body lock

I'm not sure why I did these as two separate combinations and not one longer combination since they're essentially the same thing, just with an ending.

After this for some reason there was no focus mitt work. I'm not sure why, and it didn't dawn on myself or my partner until after we were already feasting on noms.

After the Thai pads we moved on to grappling. My opponent wanted to work triangle escapes. The issue: I cannot for the life of me triangle a large framed 220lb person. My freakin legs aren't long enough. SO it was more him escaping from a triangle set-up rather than a triangle itself.

After the triangle escape we just kept grappling for submission, rather than just stopping and returning to one. From this point there is a blur of changing positions and submission attempts. I remember in stark detail a few incidences:

1. Having someone in side control. I've never had someone in such a dominant position. I've had an opponent in the mount, but it is easier for me to escape the mount than side control. I was honestly taken aback with my inability to do too much from that position. I eventually hooked one of his legs as he sprawled a sweep attempt, and returned to half guard, and swept from there.

2. While he was in side control he attempted a couple kimuras as well as an americana. The kimuras I squirmed out of. However the americana was tight. I had the ol' derp, derp, whudoIdo? moment before defending. I seem to have a problem recognizing when a submission is being set up. I have a vague memory where I'm being arm triangled and I had to wriggle out of it, as well as possibly a guillotine, or kimura...? All in all I need more awareness when on my back.

I eventually got myself into side control, and after a failed attempt at a kimura, I thanked Jebis for all those times I'd heard "keep the thumb up!" When my opponent defended the kimura by straightening his arm, he was thumb up. I subbed him by straight armbar.

After this I worked a Judo technique I'd learned a long while ago, but hadn't really focused on. Its a failed triangle attempt, into a sweep armbar. How it works is as the opponent postures up to defend the triangle, you hook the leg behind the knee and roll him over into an armbar. We worked this a half a dozen times, but I was only really able to finish with it once. The other times I abandoned the position to gain a dominant grappling position, or my partner totally nullified it and we went back to one.

Finally, in the last area of the day, I worked on powering through takedowns. I've always wanted one of those badass explosive takedowns, al a Evans vs Rampage, but however much as I'd like them, I'm really not properly conditioned right now to perform them! So I figured, if I can get ahold of those legs, or a leg and the trunk and I can power through to the cage wall, or roll him over, its still a solid takedown, even if it doen't look epic! And that's what I worked. My opponent was defending nicely, almost subbed me with a guillotine because I shot too high. I think he might have kneed me at one point also, but I was shooting low, almost crawling to scoop him and roll him over.

Diet has been blarg these past days. I've been trying to eat better stuff. Not because I'ma be a great fighta brah! because I'm tired of eating food that makes me feel uncomfortable. And that's what all that high fat stuff does. Makes me feel sluggish and lethargic. I was forced to eat family-fish. Which is horrible, the worst food that home can make. poorly prepared fish is poor. And I'd rather eat hamburger helper everyday than evar eat it again. (Bitching complete!)

I've been thinking. The taste of salt and brine from my sweat in my mouth after a workout. The feel of water that should feel ice f-ing cold feeling like Luke warm heaven, and the first second of relaxation after a long workout. Those are the things that I love about my day. And I think compared to some people who rarely find something to enjoy about their days, or people who have to rely on intoxicants to enjoy themselves, I'm pretty well off.

Edit: Another friggin long post. I need to post more often than once a weekish so these aren't so damn long!

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