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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Yeah a lot of people have been getting upset about PVP. I never got into PVP though. I am all about PVE so it is cool for me!
yeah i got soured on the pve side early on when it was 40 man raids and guilds back then felt they had control over how you played your character.... BC pissed me off again when people were telling me i HAD to be Resto on my shaman cuz "your a shaman, your a healer! Learn your F@#$ing class!"..... and then i went through about 6 guilds who all fell apart cuz we couldnt down enough content... or gettin booted cuz the higher ups in the guild felt it was better to bitch that people wernt geared enough for raids then to put forth the effort to help them gear... and another guild where we put a ton of crap in the guild bank, i put in a whole lot of enchanting mats, and then log in one day to being booted from guild..... everyone was... the GM decided to take everything from the bank and then him and his wife transfered all their characters to a different server.

so those were a few reasons why i got turned off from pve... lol but yeah the only things i didnt get to level 80 were druid and rogue... did get my troll druid to 72 before i quit, and had just made a goblin rogue who was pretty full on BoA gear too.

what character you play?

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