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Back on the grind. I wanted to compete at a tournament today but I seem to have contracted ringworm from the fight on saturday. Way to kick a guy when he's down. I've applied a liberal amount of bleach to my little rings and will quarintine myself away from my training partners until it clears up.

Luckily there's plenty of work to do on my own. My absolute strength is way down, haven't worked on it in months. So I'll start with that, in addition to jumping back into the GSP workout for explosive endurance. Today the weights started low to ease myself back into lifting. A little challenging still, to my dismay.

Squats 6,6,6@185lbs
Deadlifts 6,6,6@185lbs
DB Bench 6,6,6@70lbs
Chinups 6,6,6@b/w

Abs tomorrow.

This week has been lame. Without a fight looming, I've become increasingly aware of how unemployed I am. Call of duty, alcohol, and junk food were only fun the first few days. I've handed out resumes to every job in town and have a few mediocre offers, including a return to my old job with the promise of improvement. I'll be back to work next week wherever I go...I'm in financial collapse. I miss Brazil.
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