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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
God I hate moody dog walkers. I try and say good morning and small talk with people in the dog park, normally everyone's happy and polite as well. Today two people completely ignored me and scowled as my dog tried to play with theirs( Play bowing, bum sniffing, the usual )

It's a bloody dog park! You're going to get other dogs wanting to play, so don't throw a strop when it happens. Arrogant assholes. I swear they hate anyone else who uses the park as they think they are the only one's allowed to use it. Their dogs also have no personality and don't even interact with other dogs, it's shocking to me.
Get a pet like these guys Kry.
Nobody will ever wanna F arround with you. Everyone will respect you. No more ignore.

PS: Xeb - hang in there. things will get better.



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