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Originally Posted by CutterKick View Post
That's the problem, I lost my original work. Made a crappy salvage on PS (which I detest) and knew it wasn't my best.
I downloaded gimp where I used to do my best work on. I've got back into it's rhythm already. I hope thr next one is soon.
What people care about my work doesn't mean much to me thoguh compliments are nice. If I had've won that comp. I'd still try to sell that GFX for whatever someone would give me for it and I probably still will.
I do this for fun, but I can't have fun if I can't like my work myself. Understand where I'm coming from?

I had a huge dispute on another forum because they let their members steal GFXs. It was a real pain.
Ah, I see. Well, if you literally aren't happy with your work then I understand that.

Also, remember to use the "edit" button if you want to add to your post, don't double post. Thanks.
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