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I think I'd have to start with, like, whatever half of 135 is. It looks like I'd tear something TBH. I suspect I may be lacking in lower back strength.

Mon: karate was kata and sparring drills. The class was big for my dojo, about 25 people, so there was hardly room to do kata, which was funny. During the sparring drills I kept almost tripping over the little kids that were totally everywhere.
Tue: rested
Wed: This is normally a combination class with some grappling, but there were a lot of new people, so it was all kick shield and pad work, which was fine with me, as I love both. I got scolded for using elbow strikes, however. I love elbow strikes and sometimes I try to sneak them into pad work.
Thur: Judo was the usual stretching/jumping jacks/situps/pushups warmup, then uchikomi, then we worked the o uchi gari/ko uchi gari transition in randori and butsugari gaiko, adding in o soto toshi. Since a bunch of the yellow belts are testing for orange belt soon, we stayed after and drilled harae goshi, uki goshi, tae otoshi, seioi toshi, koshi guruma, hiza guruma, tomoe nage, hanae goshi, and a few others. I tried to get uchimata a few times. I understand how to do it, but I'm not getting enough tae sabaki in it yet. I would like to test with some form of sutemewaza. I think we're going to test in about 3 weeks. I have to plan around my uke, b/c he has more demands on his time than I do.
Fri: BJJ was up and over butterfly pass, but I just drilled it on a GnP bag while the guys tried to choke each other out and pummel each other into the mat. Then I drilled reverse mount a lot, then we learned ham sandwich. The 10th Planet terminology is kind of annoying TBH. Every time I hear something like "Plan B" or "Alcatraz" I'm thinking, what is it really? Then later I took a private for my karate belt test and did a ton of totally ghey combination kicks and strikes again. Go ahead and judge my sport-karate-doing self, but there are speed/agility/flexibility/balance benefits that it provides. Also, there's noplace in town that trains MT, unless I want to go to somebody's house and pay $50 an hour; I don't think so.
Sat: rested
Sun: rested. FAIL

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