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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
On the outside:
Cross-jab-lead leg kick
Jab-cross-lead hook-cross
Jab-cross-lead elbow-spinning back elbow (f*ck the situational nature of spinning back elbows, I love 'em!)
Feign lead leg kick-spinning heel kick

Transitioning to the inside:
Feign jab-cross-lead hook

I really dislike being inside, so here its more of, set up a body clinch/dirty boxing, or get back to my straight punching range.

Dont really have any kind of plan here. Just knee, elbow, punch, and heel kick until I can get the takedown or the round ends.
Any day I can throw a spinning back anything is a good day.

A lot of my standup drills are at about 50% with other women, and nooobody expects the cross/hook or cross/uppercut. Or a switch kick; I love switch kicks.

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