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Day #1

MMA/No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class

Since I just joined the gym, I was 5 mins late for the class, but I adapted fast as I joined for the warm up and stretching. After the general warm-up and stretching, jogging, etc, the instructor showed us the basic side mount and some techniques from there. He showed us the scarf hold, then transition from side mount to scarf hold and trapping the arm of the opponent. It was about showing a proper form. Then he showed us how to pass from side mount onto full mount by stepping over, which was really easy.

I already knew all that, but it was good to revise it and have someone to comment on my posture.

After all that, we had a little sparring session.
We had to find a partner and show everything we know.
The guy I was rolling with was around 10kgs more than me and he got me on my back first and then went in my guard, however I managed to roll him to the side by trapping his leg and hand and then went to side mount which made it easy for me to go full mount. Didn't submit him, but had him in a dominant position. I'm not sure, but I think he also tried to make a guillotine on me, but I managed to take his hands apart.
The second person I rolled with was a bit taller than me and probably heavier, but I managed to push him on his back, as soon as we started and got full mount, but didn't lock his legs and he rolled me to the side. He was in my guard for the rest of the time, I tried to work on a triangle choke, but it was too slippery.

The class was over and we had a small jog and stretch to warm off.

After that, I went for a tour around the gym as I didn't have the time to see it. Went for some bag work and it was already late, so I went home.

Please follow me on my written career log.
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