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Machida Karate depression Thread.... 8(

I just found out this morning after reading some weird messages on my Girl Friends phone that she has been cheating on me for a month with some guy at her work...............

We been together for 5 years and had a wedding day planed out... She was my first EVERYTHING.... Down to being the first girl i even held hands with... And i was proud to have her raise my children one day. And she has ONLY ever said the same.

Then i get a message to a false name which was her best friends name, that she loves him and cant wait to kiss him, AS we were coming back from my sisters wedding, and after we spent like a month out there and wanted a wedding just like my sisters....

I dont know if she is just a crazy bitch or what because i dont usually allow emotions to cloud my judgment but i NO WAY IN HELL saw this coming...

I literally found out this morning and i already threw all her shit in begs and tossed them in front of her parents house because i truly believe once a cheater always a cheater.... Oh and she has been texting me to take her back ALL day, and saying shit like she doesn't want to live anymore.

And all i could say is Good, then u feel half of what i do u cheating bitch.... Probably a little harsh but after 5 F***ING YEARS i could give a rats ass!

I dont know why im even making my emotional baggage in a thread, but i need to get it out some how, i already flipped a driver off, and stopped my car and called him a Ugly F*** (because he was)

Anyway if you all hear a depressed MK then u know why... Life F**king sucks right now

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