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Originally Posted by pacmantyson View Post
"lack of motivation" will be as bad as "vitor is wrong for wanting to fight anderson, a fellow brazillian". the blackhouse gym fighters are lucky i don't "have the motivation" to travel across the US to punch each and every one of them in the face. having said that, i would particularly enjoy punching ed soars in the face til his eyeballs pop out 12 or so inches as in a scooby doo cartoon.
I really don't understand your reasons for such confidence in Belfort. What has he done lately? It's true he is on a 5 fight win streak, but honestly the calibre of fighters he has faced in those five fights is laughable. The only notable win is Franklin, which was a good one, but before that he beat Lindland and Terry Martin, both of whom exist only to get knocked out. The two wins before that were no names.

Before that, he was on a 2-5 run, with both of those wins against no names, and 5 losses against every decent fighter he faced.

Befort has a chance, he has good hands, but I see no reason at all to think he will win this fight.

Anderson Silva is not Matt Lindland or Terry Martin, and Belfort is going to find out what the difference is on the 5th.
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