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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
That sucks man.

It happens to the majority of people at least once in their life, though, so you're not alone that's for sure (even on this forum we've had multiple people make threads like this).

The very best thing to do is to keep perspective. This is what humans do, it's part of who we are as a race. Humans were not meant to be with 1 person all our life, there's a reason why the vast majority of people cheat or have been cheated on at least once in their life, and the ones who claim they haven't probably have not realized that they have been cheated on, they are just unaware. It does not help you emotionally, but it helps you keep perspective that you are not alone, it happens to the vast majority, as that's what humans do.

Second of all, life is WAY too short to get caught up in emotions like this. Again, you can't help it, but to keep perspective - You need to either move on or take her back, if you choose to move on as you seem to have, then do exactly that - move on. You will still feel bad, but do not let it halt your life for a second.

Third, look at it as a blessing. If someone cheats on you, then that's that. They are cheaters, they have broken the "law" of relationships and clearly it's a major issue and a relationship breaking one. You will still live for a long time my friend, move on and remember that 1 girl can't and shouldn't control your life. There's much, MUCH more in this world to look at than another person.

Just try to relax, be calm, and realize everything you do daily you can still do, life goes on, and you will find someone else.
Yeah your right, i guess im a emotional person.... She seriously was my best friend / girl friend, and to think this has been going on while she said all that ******* shit my entire trip, its enough to make me sick....

But i agree with what u say, and ill try not to dwell on all this shit, it just doesn't feel real yet....

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Man that sucks dude. It's going to suck for a bit and for that I'm sorry. Do you have some friends to vent to about this irl? Get some drinks and just let it all out. Is there a single female friend with whom you've experienced sexual tension with? Call her tell her what's up and see if she wants to meet for coffee/food/talk/justifiable pity **** session etc. Bro hang in there, and remember blessings are sometimes disguised.

Yeah your right bro, this could very well be a blessing in disguise... I hope i dont take shit this ******* ridiculously hard when i break up with some other girl... This is like losing a best friend / the girl i wanted to spend my life with... Totally Surreal...

But like others said its better i found out the bitch was a skank now....

Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post

This just happened to my buddy and it happens to guys once at least in their lives.......they get burned by love. The thing that will make you feel the best over the next few days and up comming weeks is "strange" .....go out and live it up man, sleep with a few different chicks have them on "stand by" when you feel lonely or dont want to be by yourself. This reduces temptation to get back with the old cheater which i promise you will consider over the next weeks....

I just helped a personal friend through this and while he was a little old to have his heart broke for the first time its always the same....get new females in front of you, go to the titty bar, stay active so you dont dwell.


Good luck buddy we are here for you keep us informed....


EDIT: Also you are not being harsh as you stated above, if anything you have all rights to be, you cant have that mentality or she will worm her way back into your life...

LOL Good advice ColdCall, yeah i kinda already failed on the texting back and forth thing LOL.... But nothing i said was pretty... Lol to say the least...

And I WILL NOT TAKE HER BACK, and im a full supporter of the relationship "law" that she broke, and i could never for a second trust a cheater so why even try

But like u said i need to stay active and the shitty thing about the girls around here is that i live in central California where there isnt a movie theater for 45 miles, or a chain store anything for 30 miles.

So its a very small town so u pretty much know everyone lol, thats why the guy she has been with needs to watch his ass because all my buddys want to whoop his ass hard...

Originally Posted by Relavate View Post
Shit sucks bro. Been there done that. Did she admit to it tho or come up with some bullshit story?

Just live the single life bro, go out have a good time. If you train live your life at that gym, thats the way i get my shitty feelings out is to just throw people around and choke them then maybe go hit the big bag.

Anyways just keep your heard up bro.

Yeah she admitted to it because i acted like the guy told me everything over the phone already, and she was like what did he say? And i was like that u ******* made out and fooled around! And she just dropped her head in shame and i was like Wow....

But yeah man my buddys are saying the same shit, that we need to go work out and wrestle to blow off some steam...

Sounds refreshing just thinking about it....

And thanks to everyone that replied i felt retarded even leaving a thread but im glad i did great advice all

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