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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
Hate to hear the bad news man. As stated, don't take her back although you'll want to. If you do she'll know she can get away with it.

Good payback options would be, sleep with one of her friends, tell her mother what she's done, put a wedding announcement in the paper in a week or two with your most attractive female friend, rub one off on her luffa(sp), or you could claim you only dated her to hook up with her prettiest gf It'll work out

Lol her mom did call and ask why the hell is all her daughters shit on there porch and she got a nice rundown on the sitch lol!

Then told her its probably in the jeans...

Originally Posted by limba View Post
Sorry to hear that buddy!

It really sucks when this happens to you.
Sometimes it's better not to know, but if you dsy you had a wedding planned also, than maybe it's definitely a good thing you found out now.

Imagine getting married and then you finding out she is cheating on you?! That would be devastating.
My advice. Forget her.No woman is worth it after she does something like that.
The guys before me pretty much said the right things.
Take some time to refflect on this, one week, maximum two weeks, and then move on.
I've learned that life is too short to hang on to one thing or one person, especially when that person is a F'n cheater!

We should enjoy life as much as we can, because it can end in a heart beat.

Try to see this as a good thing. You will move on, have some fun, meet other women, enjoy yourself and who knows?!
A last advice for you and everyone or women.
A friend used it once, although i don't think he invented this:

Best advice i can give you!
This will just make you stronger.

Very well said limba, and yeah i hear this often but i never thought it would happen to me because i thought i knew my girl front and back.... I never felt so secure...

Girls can be serious nut jobs if there able to do half the shit she did...

I cant wait to be completely over this shit and move on... It just hits me off and on so far.

But ill try to stay strong 8)

Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
Lots of good advice in this thread.........don't ever feel wierd about posting your business bruddah. We R here for ya! Like MC said, your not the first this happened to and u won't be the last. Xeberus used to put all his girl problems on here and we would follow them with the intensity!!! it's good to have a place to vent........
Good to know i have close friends even on here and glad to see your posts more and more, glad your feeling better with your whole ordeal

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