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^Link to my strength training blog. I'll do an overveiw so you don't have to read that though. Short version is that I hit a 200lb good morning that I'm proud of (a PR of about 100lbs). Although my upper body strength isn't even remotely respectable, I got a 195lb bench, about a 10lb PR. Hit a 245lb zercher squat, a squat PR of about 35lbs. And hit a 145lb overhead (front) press. Strength's going up, slowly but surely.

Worked out with a buddy (admittedly, a while ago now). Took turns blasting one another with some kicks, working on blocking and countering, as well as kicking skill (and all the attributes that go hand in hand with those things).

Moved on to working hands on pads. I've got to work on my hand speed and footwork. Power is respectable, I think, but I could increase it exponentially with better foot work. I've got very little pivot on my crosses/rear hooks, so yeah. And in terms of hand speed, it's not bad, but it's not good. A better trained fighter would trump my hand speed, hard. I really try to be good with my hands, and part of that is having fast ones. Lastly, I need to work on throwing combinations to the head. I love working the body, and so I work a lot of hand combos that are directed towards working the body. I guess I have the opposite problem of some other fighters, in that I actually need to work on my headhunting skills.

Tooled around on the ground for a while. Not much to say about it. Just that I did it. Sweated my arse off, probably tapped a couple times, almost got him to tap a couple times, and I defended a couple subs. I'm not very good on the ground, but getting better, maybe.

We practed some takedowns. Mainly though just he shot, and I stuffed them. He got me down a couple times. I have to wonder how it would have gone had we been including strikes as part of it. But, that's not really the point I suppose. I need to get better at stuffing takedowns, and that, is the point.

Things I've been working on on my own since then:

Been working on shoulder flexibility/mobility so I can toss smoother elbows. In that line of thought, I've also been working elbows a bit on the bag as well as while shadowboxing.

I've worked briefly on footwork in relation to movement. Moving linearly, as well as in and out. Did some "light feet" footwork drills; mainly just running up and down stairs and trying to shift more quickly on my feet (while moving in or out or side to side).

Been working my cross a lot on the bag. Trying to focus on getting that pivot for added power. It's there, you know? I can feel the extra power and I suspect speed. But I just need to work it into muscle memory. Integrated the pivot into my 'lunging' cross to the body, and it turned out so smoothly and with so much extra power, I about got hard. I also worked a bit on using the pivot for added speed using elevation changes (offensively or defensively).

I haven't been doing the kind of cardio I should be. It's either some high intensity weight work or bag work/shadow boxing. Too cold and crappy out to go for a run (for me, right now, with my cardio). Going to be trying to at least be getting on the eliptical to burn off some flub, if nothing else.

There's a lot of things that I want to work on. Different exercises to try, kung fu techniques to revisit, new combinations to unlock. But when it all comes down to it, I need to put a lot more time into drilling the basics. It's fine to integrate these "exotic" ideas alongside the tried and true basics, but I need to be putting more into the basics if I'm going to be going about it like that.

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