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Originally Posted by rwaller View Post
Herb Dean?? .... But he does not like any ground game. All you hear is:

I am going to stand you up, work, work, work, work, work, work ..... ad nauseum.

As if grappling is not working, he always gives an unearned advantage to the boxer.

There seems to be something lacking in the referee works. Any organization that does analysis of human activity needs standards, there does not appear to be any referee standards in MMA. Not talking about following the rules, rather, referees should be evaluating the activity according to a set standards of performance. To have one ref always stand guys up and another not take any actions means that there is bias in the referee ranks. The referees personal opinion of what constitutes a good fight should not be allowed any influence in the ref profession; there should be a standard of performance that the ref evaluates the activity to, then makes a judgement about how the performance meets the standards and then refs accordingly. And, there needs to be a group that evaluates ref performance and makes judgements as to their competency in evaluating according to these standards.

How can a fighter prepare for a fight wondering if he will get a Steve Mazzagati (who has no clue), a Herb Dean (who does not like grappling) or ?????
It was a joke man
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