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Thanks again everyone, i feel pathetic because i used to read this type of shit and thank God that i found the girl i thought i had. And me and her both would talk about how lucky we were to find each other so early in life.

It is simply amazing how fast things can change, even when you TRULY believe the girl your with is different then all the other unfaithful slutty bitches...

And as of right now i think my main problem is that i at the moment cant stand girls... The second i start talking to one i feel like punching them in the face....

Its totally the wrong attitude but my entire body cringes the second i start talking to a stupid bitch...

It amazes me how even the stupid little shit is hitting me the hardest... Its not good that i work 11 pm to 7 am because its so slow at work that all i do is think about how i wasted so much time, and i dont want to look at it that way but at the moment its all i can think about...

Im really trying to keep my head up and move on, but like i said i guess im a emotional person, and i think about shit WAAAAAY to much...

Thanks again for all those the posted there helping words, all you guys are my homies now

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