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Originally Posted by Jeff_Joslin View Post
Hi Fran,

Thanks for sharing your video. I've come across some of them before and they are always great!

As for my jab. I throw it the exact same way in boxing as well. Over 10 years ago I met up with a fantastic boxing coach who made a huge impact on my striking game. I love the sport.

I notice you turn you forward hip when you jab where I keep my hip still. That brings up one question for me. Do you turn and reset the hip with every jab when you throw a double or triple jab?

Thanks for commenting on the post and It's great to hear different perspectives on combat stuff.

Hope all is well!

Alright Jeff

Thanks for responding mate. It's always great when you've come across a coach who has a profound impact on how you work, I encountered a few during my boxing time and also during my time as a coach...we never stop learning mate!

Good point on the hip thing. I'd say that when doubling or tripling up on a jab, we will always either be moving forward or moving backwards (ideally forwards!) Given that the boxer would be moving forward, full retraction of the hip wouldn't be required as the push forward would help on both the range and the power (the timing of the shot working with the foot movement being key.) The most important thing on the double (in my experience) is to ensure that the arm comes all the way back i.e. the upper arm does not remain extended in between jabs and the forearm simply moves in and out.

Hope this makes sense Jeff, and again, thanks very much for getting back.

Yours in Sport

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