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Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
All it made me is more bitter to women.... And to think i could get THAT close to someone and be best friends and both wanted to just get married and grow old together can instantly just Screw some other guy...

Bitches are really at my last nerve... And i guess it shows because at work people are scared of me at the moment...
you sound like you have a bit of hate in you. Remember not all girls are bitches and whores. Just her.

You are a bigger man than me. Why if I had been with a girl for 5 years, and she did me that way.. I'd take all the nudes I had of her and put them all over the Internet and annonymously send them to all of her friends and family. He'll I'd probably do a lot worse, but I tend to be a fire breathing dick when I'm mad.

As MC said go out and do all the shit you couldn't do because you were with her.

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