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Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
Dude your so right about her, she probably just wanted to check to see how it is being with someone else....

It pisses me off because i never had even a single thought of flirting with girls, alone doing the shit and saying the shit she has.... I really thought i knew her, im not the type that just partys and doesn't talk to his girl, and after 5 years i swear i could win any Newlywed game or any Trivia about that bitches life....

ANd i swear the lottery seemed more realistic then this shit... LOL and ill try to flirt with anything with a va J J but i just kinda feel like slapping bitches...

Lol now how am i going to find a REAL Asian girl when im in California.... My brother married a Asian from the Philippines and shes a crazy bitch lol

Thanks again for your cares and thoughts MC and I will do shit that i couldn't with her, and like most said she has been texting me ALLLLL day saying how she would do anything to take what she did back, and doesn't want to be alone and whatever, and i just erase, i have nothing to say to this girl and seeing how low she can go....

And when i say a Christian girl i should of stressed the fact i mean a REAL Christian girl... Because your right 80% of the US would claim to be Christian, but mostly Jehovah Witnesses call themselves Christians and so do the Catholic most the time.

A real Christian girl is more of a Jesus freak, but the only place i met Real Strong Christian girls was in Cleveland, Ohio of all places... Those girls have true conviction and truly to the purest extent dont give a crap about other guys other then there husband/boyfriend, WELL NOT ALL obviously but i sure u get the point.

So called Christian girls in California have like zero convictions... Mostly cause there not close enough with God

Lol not when there first love is God and there second is there Husband, it seems to work out with amazing percentage

Geez man, thanks for sharing your story, that makes my whole shit seem that much smaller.... Thats terrible... Its always good to get advice from someone that has experienced the same pain if not more.

And your right being alone does suck ass, and unfortunately i work the graveyard shift at work 11 pm to 7 am, so im alone with my thoughts for 8 hours... Kinda blows... But ya i try to stay busy and around friends, shit is a big pill to swallow....

I think i do have hate in me to a certain extent, im pretty damn bitter... And im finding out with most of my friends opening up that literally all the girls in this ******* town i know are stupid cheating ass bitches...

And mostly the only thing i didnt do while i was with her is flirt and hang out with girls.... Im weak in SO MANY LEVELS but being faithful to my Girl is BY FAR my strongest aspect... Because i think a lot like MC and i know how ******* pointless it would be to throw away all those years and spending my life with someone just for a few moments of lust and dirty joy... Yes it would be fun for a hour until ur done making love and you hate yourself....

I cant stand stupid bitches and im not even going to look, and im going to focus on my health and training and relax my brain from trying to figure out why most woman are stupid cheating ass bitches... I think its the 2% logic in there brain thing....

Oh and THANKS TO EVERYONE who left a post on here, and thank you for caring, i will be here for any of u guys too!
Hey Man, really sorry to hear this happened to you but when I read the above post, I think you are going to be just fine. You are wise beyond your years. Use that in choosing your next relationship. And don't make your next GF pay for the sins of your previous.

That pain recedes each day so hang in there. Some good advice on here about hangin with your buds and going to the gym to clear your head.
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