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Just a couple areas where I can see a need for improvement.

Your hands appear to drop to about chest level during combinations. This is a minute problem at this point. But in the future it could become a bad one.

Another thing is that when you throw a hook, you drop the hooking arm to your hip. This is okay I guess, I used to have the same problem, but it was because I wasn't turning my hand over to strike with my first knuckles, or properly turning my hip.

Also, footwork. The camera was too high to be able to see that aspect, however, the bit that I could see of your movement suggested that you were to static. Work on stepping in when you go to throw punches, and using that inward movement to add power, and bursting back outward at an angle after striking.

Something that I also saw. Head movement. Reactive head movement (head movement reacting to a punch) is difficult to train alone on a bag. But general head movement, moving at the hips and shoulders making the head a difficult target, is a good way to condition the muscle memory and mind. Performing this at the same time as footwork and evasive movement is a great help.

On the plus side. Punching speed was hella fast man. Very quick hands, even with these imperfections slowing them down, they were pretty damn fast.

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