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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
I got a laser sight on my glock, got one for my 357. But it's just not worth it on my 357, I'm more accurate with the gun than the distance at which I can see the laser >.< but it works great on my glock

I had a chance to buy an AR15 with a nightvision acog (sp) for 500$ but I couldn't buy it. I think it's immoral to own assault weapons, and I know it's a liberal mindset but I don't think a person should legally be able to.

but really.... Guns are a tool.... use it wrong and its dangerous..... course ive grown up around guns my whole life. i got my first shot gun when i was 9 or 10 for xmas, i first shot a gun when i was like 5.... i bagged my first deer when i was 13 and had already been hunting for a couple years. Stuff like the AR-15, while based on the M-16, is still a single shot semi-auto rifle just like any other semi auto rifle used for hunting and is in no way "immoral".....

I have a Norinco SKS with a scope (SKS is kinda a cousin to the AK-47, its semi auto and has a standard rifle stock instead of the hand gun grips), which yes were made for military use, but are widley used in hunting now adays. My dad and I are planning on doing a wild boar hunt in FL, and i will be using my SKS as it has the range, accuracy and penetrating power thats perfect for punching thru a boards thick hide and strong bones.

and its perfect for when the innevitable Zombie Apocalypse comes

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